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Androfill training offers you the chance to become proficient in dermal filler penile enlargement through online and in-person training options. Androfill’s referral network generates revenue by referring patients to your clinic.

The next big cosmetic boom is male genital enhancement using dermal fillers. Androfill is the global leader in this niche, pioneering Hyaluronic acid-based penile enlargement.

Online Training Course US$ 4,000

London In-Person Training US$ 18,000

Androfill Local Website From US$ 300 p/m*

*Depending on the geographic area.

Procedures Performed Worldwide
Patient Satisfaction Rate
Average Year 1 Revenue
Estimated Year 1 Net Profit (33% Net Margin)

Dermal filler penile augmentation has grown in popularity following the development of safe and reliable Hyaluronic acid-based procedures.

Androfill is an established brand in this new market, having completed over 26,000 procedures worldwide since 2014.

To cater to growing global demand, we have established the Androfill Training Academy to train new practitioners to the highest possible standard.

Following training, a subscription to the Androfill Network connects newly trained practitioners to patients through our trusted brand.

Training is available online through the program developed by Androfill Australia’s director Dr Ingrid Tall.

Alternatively, it is possible to complete training with Dr Gary Horn in London, where you will have the opportunity to observe several live dermal filler procedures.

Following completion of training, practitioners are invited to join the Androfill network, benefiting from patient lead generation via a local Androfill website and a marketing package from US$ 300 per month, with no minimum contract length; cancel at any time.

Androfill Network Opportunity

Androfill Startup Costs

$0 upfront costs

You are listed as an Androfill provider on our website.

Patients will contact you directly, or through our booking system.

Starting a new business, or adding a product offering to an existing business requires a significant investment in both money and time.

Even after significant time and money is spent, there is no guarantee that a new business or product line will generate substantial revenue.

It can take years to build up a reputation for excellence in a particular procedure and to gain the trust of new patients.

Typical online setup costs include:

A custom website $5,000 to $15,000 (or, adding a new procedure to an existing website $1,000 to $3,000).

Writing content for the website (estimate 10 to 20 hours of your time), or employing a medical copywriter $1,500 to $3,000

Branding, logos, social media and directory listings $2,000 to $10,000

PPC setup, including the identification of highly converting keywords, Google Business, Analytics and so on.

Consent forms, patient instructions, development of treatment and aftercare protocols.

Typical set up costs:

A new custom website & online presence: $15,000 to $20,000 + 50 to 100 hours (dealing with all those involved in website design, marketing, SEO).

Adding a new procedure to an existing website: $3,000 + 10 to 20 hours.

Androfill Ongoing costs

From $300 per month

Includes your profile on a local Androfill website and all marketing.

(PPC advertising management, local SEO and online marketing).

Adequately marketing a specific procedure can be expensive.

Costs can include:

SEO for organic keyword ranking $300 to $1,500 per month

Inefficient PPC advertising $500+ per month, (poor choice of keywords, poor demographic / location targeting, insufficient filtering of non-relevant and competitor clicks)

Google PPC advertising is particularly important in this particular cosmetic niche. Patients are not finding out about penis enlargement on Facebook / Instagram or through social media remarketing. Patients discover the procedure by researching penis enlargement keywords using (mainly) Google on their mobile phones or laptops.

Finding a good PPC advertising manager can be difficult. Many will not understand the topic or know which keywords are the highest converting.

Further, as AI-driven PPC campaigns increasingly outperform other targeting methods, a large amount of conversion data within a campaign can ensure higher conversion rates and a lower cost per conversion (more patients per $ spent on advertising).

The Androfill Google PPC campaign contains 8 years’ worth of conversation data,  with over 700,000 website clicks and 7,200 conversions at an average cost of less than $120 per conversion. The approximately $1 million spent on PPC provides an unbeatable dataset to drive the most efficient PPC campaign possible.

PPC management is included as part of your Androfill subscription.

Also included.

  • Contact by text message / WhatsApp technology
  • vcita booking system, please see the examples below.

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