Alternative methods to increase your erect penis length are:

Method 1. Wear a Penis Extender for a very long time, there is some evidence that you will gain length.

Photo of a Penis Extender
British Journal Of Urology Statement

Method 2. Liposuction of the fat below the abdominal region.

(An excellent method if you are overweight)

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

For men with a large stomach, liposuction to remove fat below the abdomen (area highlighted below in blue) can make the penis protrude further out from the body, making it appear longer.

The stomach can be so large as to partially bury the penis.

Patient’s who are obese may find that a lot of their penis is hidden away under excess fat. 

This fat can be removed by the surgeon to bring more of the penis out.

Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction

(Blue area highlighted is where fat is removed from).

Method 3 – True Erect Length

A highly invasive surgical approach which increases both erect and flaccid length.

Price from: $40,000